This is THE Elite Group For Sponsorship Seekers

Every year corporations spend approximately $57.5 Billion on sponsorship. Yes BILLION.

Every year millions go unspent because no one asks for those sponsorship dollars. 

You can change that! There are enough sponsorship dollars for you and literally everyone you know in your industry to get sponsored. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are not taking advantage of this very lucrative industry.

Instead I see many entrepreneurs trying to create new products and services to launch every month. This creates such a drain on your resources: time, money, and team. Sure, a launch is a great tool but the frequency of needing to launch almost monthly to be profitable, is just not a good long term strategy.

Here’s another financial model for you to consider…

Instead of working so hard; continue to create the events, products, and services you’re excited about, work with the clients you absolutely adore, have the work/life harmony that makes you happy, all while getting paid thousands (most times hundreds of thousands) of dollars in corporate sponsorship. This is the model I teach entrepreneurs just like you how to follow. Why? Because, again, millions of dollars go unspent each year because no one asked for the those sponsorship dollars.

Global sponsorship spending by corporations is growing at a rate of $2 Billion year-over-year. That means you can literally expect more sponsorship dollars to be available to you each and every year. That type of growth means, as you grow your tribe, create more products and services, and host more events, your income can literally grow and grow… even if your tribe doesn’t buy a thing from you. Imagine being able to help more people without worrying about increasing your prices every 3 months. You could literally expand your reach and influence just for the actual FUN of it!

Let’s make sponsorship happen for YOU

The easiest way to start your sponsorship journey is with the proven tips, strategies, and processes of a seasoned Sponsorship Strategist. Or in other words, tapping into my brain so I can help you reach your goals quickly without making all the mistakes most of us familiar with sponsorship make when we’re just starting out. And that is exactly what my Elite Sponsorship Group™ is all about. Here’s what you get when you join:Read enough and want to tap into this $57 Billion dollar sponsorship industry? Then you’re part of a leading edge movement (or as I like to call it – The Cool Kids Crew).  These are entrepreneurs just like you that know it’s possible to be wildly wealthy, work less time, impact more of your ideal tribe, all while partnering with larger corporations who sponsor your events, products, and services that you’ve either already created or are working to create.

  • Full access to my 5 current sponsorship (and team building) programs. Yes, including your favorites: Pitch It Perfect™ (which teaches you how to pitch anyone anywhere) and Script Like A Pro™ (where you get my scripts and lessons on how to create your own scripts that get sponsors to say YES!).
  • Full access to new sponsorship programs being developed bimonthly.
  • A weekly Sponsorship Q & A call where you’ll get to ask questions that are specific to YOUR sponsorship needs.
  • Private calls and webinars with actual SPONSORS. Hear directly from them what they are looking for. These are only being made available to the group members and my private clients.
  • The complete Periscope Library organized by topic area so you no longer have to hunt for the Scopes you need.
  • Additional resources that accompany the Scopes in the Periscope Library. Now you’ll have worksheets, checklists, and scripts to use as you watch my Scopes.
  • Reduced rates for all my programs, events, and services as long as you’re in the group.
  • Secret Facebook Group where you can post and ask questions without anyone but other group members (and of course me) seeing your posts.

I have to admit, I’m most excited to be able to bring you together with actual sponsors so you get to hear directly from sponsors themselves. This is going to open up so many doors for you. Not to mention it will allow you the opportunity to make connections and network with people you may not have had the opportunity to meet outside of this group.

Doors are officially closed but we’re launching something special for YOU!

We’ll open doors to the new improved program soon.

Stay tuned for our new improved Program!

When I first met Quiana I hadn’t thrown my first event yet. Her guidance and support has been amazing. In addition to money, I’ve received sponsorship in the form of free use of event venues, gifts for clients (swag), and PR opportunities. I’m able to now partner with companies, venues, and vendors to host events nationwide. I even formed a partnership with a major alcohol company. The support Quiana gives me is real and she provides so much value!

Victoria Robinson
Victoria’s Luxe Concierge Enterprises & Angel Hill Enterprises, Inc.

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