YES! You Can Be A Sponsorship Magnet!!

Yes, even if you’ve never hosted a live event before.

And yes, even if your company is not a non-profit.

And certainly yes, even if your event is not in the tech or social media industries.

Learn what gets Fortune 500 companies to say YES to sponsoring your event every time, in my Master Class… Be Irresistible to Sponsors: Preparing Your Event For Fortune 500 Sponsorship.

In this 90-minute Master Class, I’m telling you EXACTLY what Fortune 500 companies want to see before they’ll sponsor your event. AND techniques to get everything set up easily so you’re sponsorship ready quickly. You’ll learn:

  1. The 1 thing you need to say to get potential sponsors to say YES, even if you’re asking for thousands of dollars.
  2. Why using Google and other search engines to find sponsors actually works AGAINST you and what to do instead.
  3. How to easily know if it’s too late for you to get sponsors for your next event and my SECRET trick for getting them to say yes anyway. (FYI, I only share this with my retainer clients so it’s not ‘common knowledge’ in the industry.)
  4. What tasks to do each day, week, and month to not only reach but surpass your sponsorship goals.Including my fail-proof way to best utilize your staff to help you!
  5. And much more…

As a Bonus ===> You’ll leave this course with my Be Irresistible Workbook full of worksheets, templates, and prompts to quickly get your business sponsorship ready. This workbook can be used every time you plan an event so your events are always irresistible to potential sponsors. I’m walking you through the process step-by-step to ensure you leave a Sponsorship Magnet!

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