3 Ways to Boost Your Influence When Attracting Sponsors: Part I

Most entrepreneurs don’t seek sponsorship because you believe you don’t:

  • have a big enough following
  • know what you should get sponsored
  • think that you have anything already in your business to get sponsored

That is simply NOT true! It all boils down to the way you feel about your level of influence in your industry. When you begin to feel secure about your place in your industry these doubts will cease to exist for you. Remember, sponsors have different desires. Some want to sponsor businesses that have a small but engaged following. Others, want you to have a large thriving community. It really just depends on the sponsor.

The first thing you can do to boost your influence when you are looking to attract sponsors is:

Collecting and posting your kudos

You may have some resistance to collecting and posting your kudos. You may feel like you’re bragging, or you’re not being genuine, or even it seems like it’s just an attention grabber. No matter how you may feel about posting your kudos, sponsors LOVE it. Sponsors want to connect with businesses like yours that have raving fans and followers.

Think of collecting kudos in the same way you thought of a performance review when you were an employee. Each year your manager would tell you how well you were doing in your review. Well testimonials offer the same type of feedback when you’re an entrepreneur. Allow people to tell the world how amazing you are.

Today’s Action Item: Get testimonials from at least 3 of your former clients.

Ask them to share a sentence about their before (working with you) and then 2 -3 about their after. Then post these on your website, social media, and anywhere else a potential sponsor may find you.

If you’re new to business and don’t yet have clients, ask former colleagues if they’d write something brief about your time working with them on a project or event. Make sure they share about your expertise. This will prove very useful when pitching sponsors.

Tomorrow I’m going to share the second way you can boost your influence when attracting sponsors. You won’t want to miss this. It’s super simple and yields BIG results very quickly.

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Speaker & Sponsorship Strategist at Bold Business Institute, LLC
Quiana Murray is founder of the Bold Business Institute, LLC where she is a Speaker and Sponsorship Strategist. For years she's been teaching industry influencers like you how to get sponsorship for your events.

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