3 Ways to Boost Your Influence When Attracting Sponsors: Part III

Last week I shared how you can boost your influence by sharing your kudos and connecting with industry influencers. Today I’m sharing a much simpler and quick way you can boost your influence in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Before I share I want to remind you – as an entrepreneur people come to you for goods or services. I know you’re thinking, yeah I already know that. But, did you know that there are people out here Googling right now what you already know? And share? And sell?

Of course you know that. That’s why you develop products and services. You want to help people who are desperate for what you have to offer.

Show your expertise

Here’s the thing, anyone can Google what you do, what I do, heck just about anything at this point. That said, who really wants to? Most people are far too busy to try and Google their way through something new.

That’s where you come in! You can really boost your influence by being a problem solver. Sharing what you know that also solves someone’s problem is entrepreneur GOLD. It shows your tribe that you’re knowledgeable, sponsors that you are relevant in your industry, and your colleagues that you’re someone they NEED to get to know.

Today’s Action Item: Pick 3 places to regularly share your expertise.

Examples of places people are ALWAYS looking for help (and sponsors are checking you out) include:

  • Your website/ blog – the more content you post the better potential clients and sponsors can Google and find you.
  • Facebook groups – remember to be respectful of the group owner’s rules about promotion.
  • Instagram – many people head to the Gram to learn how to do something or get ideas.
  • LinkedIn – publishing articles to LinkedIn is a great way to be seen as an influencer in your industry.
  • Pinterest boards – similar to Instagram, people are always looking for inspiration or ideas on themed boards.
  • YouTube channel – if someone wants to know how to do something from basic math to complex architecture, it’s on YouTube.
  • Apps – if you have an app, you MUST promote it on social media. This can drive BIG traffic to your business and impress sponsors.

Today’s Action Item: Pick 3 places you will show your expertise each week.

It doesn’t take long to answer a few questions and post a blog article or video. Commit to 10 minutes a day. You’ll see large returns on your time investment when you start pitching sponsors.

If you haven’t already joined the 5 Day Sponsorship Challenge, you need to jump in! Go here to get started.


Speaker & Sponsorship Strategist at Bold Business Institute, LLC
Quiana Murray is founder of the Bold Business Institute, LLC where she is a Speaker and Sponsorship Strategist. For years she's been teaching industry influencers like you how to get sponsorship for your events.

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