5 Ways to Get Potential Sponsors to Reply to Your Proposal

As a Sponsorship Strategist, new sponsorship seekers often share with me how tough it is for them to get a reply to their sponsorship proposal. Sometimes it’s the content of the proposal itself. Other times it’s simple quick fixes that stand between them and their first sponsorship.

Here are 5 ways to get a reply from a potential sponsor:

  1. Make sure your contact information is complete – you’d be surprised how many times a sponsorship seeker only includes ONE way to contact them. You want to make sure you include your first and last name, email address, direct phone number (with a working voicemail box), and mailing address.
  2. Include your contact information on every piece of correspondence – having your contact deets in your email, on your proposal slide deck, and letters helps potential sponsors to always have your contact information in front of them in the event they misplace one piece of your correspondence.
  3. Make your proposal relevant to the potential sponsor – potential sponsors are no longer interested in boring sponsorship levels. They want to see customized proposals that speak to THEIR corporation’s needs.
  4. Engage via phone, email, or social media FIRST – many times potential sponsors won’t respond to you because you’re sending them an email straight out of left field; build a relationship first and you’ll see a HUGE increase in responses.
  5. Ask for a reply – this may seem like a no-brainer but really it isn’t; so many proposals are sent and they don’t specifically ASK for the potential sponsor to respond to them. It may seem like common sense but if you don’t ask for a response, you’re likely to not get one!

Truly there is no magical sponsorship secret. All you need is a proven system that sets you up to get sponsorship.



Speaker & Sponsorship Strategist at Bold Business Institute, LLC
Quiana Murray is founder of the Bold Business Institute, LLC where she is a Speaker and Sponsorship Strategist. For years she's been teaching industry influencers like you how to get sponsorship for your events.

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