Article – Sponsors Want to Know What Do You Actually ‘DO’ In Your Business?

I had a call with a wonderful woman about her business and how she could obtain sponsorship for her upcoming project. She’s giving me permission to share a bit of her session with you as it helped her tremendously…

When you’re looking to obtain sponsorship, grow your tribe, and overall increase your influence, it’s important people know WHAT to call you and not just WHO you help but WHAT you help with. This needs to be so clear you can say it in one sentence. Not understanding what you do could be the reason you’re seeing your biz growth stall and a lack of potential sponsor interest.

Here’s an example from our call. She called herself a Potential Pathfinder who:

Helps purpose driven women reach their full potential in their business.

First thing I think is okay great. Then the questions come in:

  • How do you do this?
  • What exactly do you do?
  • What’s your specialty?
  • Is this help mindset or money or both?
  • Are you going to show/teach me or is this about exploration?

You see, when you’re not clearly telling people what you do it leads them down the rabbit hole. If I knew exactly what she did, I wouldn’t immediately jump to needing to know every detail. However because she didn’t answer the most important question, it led me to question everything about her business.

When people have questions about what you can do for them, they don’t sit and figure it out, instead they move along to the person who answers that question right away. Remember, it’s not your potential sponsor’s or client’s job to figure out what you do. It’s your job to tell them what you do and tell them quickly.

Sure your title may be cute but is it profitable?

Before I tell you how I helped her hone in on what she does, I want to tell you something. It’s okay to have the same title as the other people in your industry. Many times entrepreneurs come up with these fancy titles and statements about what they do to either stand out from others in their industry or to subconsciously hide-out (by confusing others so they don’t hire you).

Guess what? You’re not standing out and it doesn’t help your business. Sure you may be the only Star-gazing Business Growth Fairy – but no one knows what that is. Instead it’s okay to say I’m a Client Attraction Coach. People get it, they understand it, they can relate to it.

Think about it this way – when you need legal help you look up lawyer. When you need medical help you look up a doctor. There are literally thousands and thousands of lawyers and doctors and no one thinks twice about calling them what they are. They don’t come up with cute names because the general public understands they are lawyers and doctors.

It’s not your title that makes you stand out, it’s your You-ness makes you stand out!

How to clearly state what you do

Now back to my conversation… To get her to understand how to narrow down what she does, I asked her the questions I had above. The more she spoke the clearer and clearer it became.

I also had her complete my ‘Your Big 3 Answers‘ exercise (grab it here). It’s quick and although it seems like something from Entrepreneur 101, it got her to thinking how she can state what she does really simply. This is an exercise you should do at least twice a year to make sure you’re clearly telling your potential sponsors and clients what you do.

Once she completed the exercise she realized is she’s a Business Coach who:

Helps purpose driven women create and sell courses that increase their business profits. 

That was clear, made sense, and even sponsors who are not familiar with the world of entrepreneurship would understand what she does. Describing her services in this way will also grow her tribe because potential clients will know who she helps, what she does, and what outcome these women get working with her.

Your turn – are you trying to obtain sponsors and grow your tribe but aren’t making much progress? Complete my ‘Your Big 3 Answers’ exercise to clearly explain who you are, who you help, and how you help your tribe get results. Once that’s clear it makes it easier to get a YES! from potential sponsors.


Speaker & Sponsorship Strategist at Bold Business Institute, LLC
Quiana Murray is founder of the Bold Business Institute, LLC where she is a Speaker and Sponsorship Strategist. For years she's been teaching industry influencers like you how to get sponsorship for your events.

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