Janice Streat

I’m planning a health and wellness event in November.  I faithfully listen to Quiana to pick up tips.  Two topics she shared recently stuck with me…the 5 Steps to Pitching Potential Sponsors and Knowing What You’re Going to Ask Sponsors For.

Today, I pitched the hotel (I had previously booked the event at) for more space and food for my event. I offered the hotel in-kind sponsorship.  They agreed to my arrangement!  This sponsorship is saving me $1,000 on my event.  Plus, I get to leverage the Hilton Garden Inn name as I pitch other sponsors.

I thank you Quiana for sharing.  I really appreciate all the wonderful knowledge you impart.



Speaker & Sponsorship Strategist at Bold Business Institute, LLC
Quiana Murray is founder of the Bold Business Institute, LLC where she is a Speaker and Sponsorship Strategist. For years she's been teaching industry influencers like you how to get sponsorship for your events.

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